Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Count Down...less than 3 WEEKS!!

AAAAHHHHH!!! Where is the time GOING?

Less than 3 weeks to the wedding....can that be RIGHT?

I can't believe that the time is going by so quickly.

Okay - LIST!

Location: booked and paid for

Rings: Both here, paid for and ready to go

Commissioner: booked and the meeting went great (when we walked into her office, Nathan saw we'd interrupted her game of W.O.W.)

Vows and ceremony: re-re-written from original to reflect Nathan and myself and to make the ceremony last more than 5 minutes

Marriage licence: purchased...mwahahaha.

Dress: DONE!

Things to still do:

E-mail our commish the re-worked vows

Get Nathan going on ordering the flowers so he can make my bouquet (and HOW excited am I that he's cool with this? You have NO idea!)

Figuring out what to do afterwards - Mom has suggested an afternoon 'Tea' so we don't have to worry about doing dinner, and more importantly, drinking